With liberty and whiskey for all

It’s widely known that only about 40 percent of voters turn out to cast their ballot for any given election.  This, however, is not a new problem.  Our forefathers faced this problem as well, but they discovered a foolproof way to get voters to the polls.  How?  Whiskey, beer, and rum! Alcohol gets people to the polls.  In fact, the more booze you provide the more likely you are to win.

Would our forefathers steep to such low tactics just to win?  George Washington, the hero of the revolution, our very first president surely wouldn’t…right?  Wrong.

When he failed to win the House of Burgesses in 1755, George Washington considered why he lost.  His competitor offered voters whiskey, beer, and wine and ended up with 7 times the votes as Washington.

In the next election Washington spent 80% of his campaign budget on alcohol.  That was enough to supply half a gallon for each voter.

And…He won.

This tactic has since been called “swilling the planters with bumbo.”  Planters being the voters and bumbo being the drink of choice.

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