The Monster in Yucca Mountain

The Yucca Mountain in Nevada was once the site of a now abandoned project to store nuclear waste.  The U.S wanted to build a vitrification plant inside the mountain to house the waste for hundreds of thousands of years. That’s about how long it takes for nuclear waste to reach radiation levels not damaging to humans or other living things.

The interesting part of this project was how they planned on keeping people away from the mountain.  How do you keep people away from a mountain for that long?  Post a Beware of Nuclear Waste sign?  Our current languages will certainly not be what they are now- 100 thousand years in the future.  So the answer, thought up by top archeologists and scientists mind you, was to create a story or legend around the mountain to keep people away.  In fact, there is a 25 ft. tall monument at the foot of the mountain with a warning in seven languages.


Now if we were to assume the collapse of our government and the world into a state pre industrialization, to the point of living in a Middle-Earth-like era; perhaps a dragon or monster living in the mountain might be a good idea.  Aside from that,it’s not; and they finally realized this after using millions of taxpayer dollars on the project.


Find out more about this project at the Nuclear Energy Institutes website below

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