Fordite, or Motor Agate, as it is also known, may sound like an exotic rock you would find around an active volcano but it’s someplace more interesting than that. While they are stones, they are stones not made by natural processes, but rather are a human byproduct.

So what is Fordite? Well at one time automobiles used to be hand spray-painted.  The automotive paint was an enamel material and when a vehicle was over-sprayed the paint would collect on the tracks the vehicles were painted on.  On these tracks cars were also baked as to set the paint quicker.  Most of the deeper layers of paint on the track may have been baked up to 100 times causing the enamel paint to harden like a rock.

When the excess paint became too thick it had to be removed from the track. At some point workers who were removing this paint noticed the beauty in these scrapped shards.  The material could be cut and polished easily and so they began to salvage these pieces; and thus Fordite (named after the Ford Motor Company) was created.

There are four different types of Fordite one can choose from. They are:

Separated Colors

type 1

Color on Color

type 2

Color on Color Drippy/Stripped

type 3

Color on Color-Opaque’s and Metallic’s

type 4

Spray painting vehicles by hand is long gone and the more efficient automated sprayers that leave little excess have replaced the method that gave us this unique and beautiful product. Over the years Fordite has been turned into all types of jewelry and accessories.  There is no more Fordite being created, so if these psychedelic rocks strike your fancy, you may want to purchase some before it is all gone.






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