Don’t Have a Seat!

The average American sits for approximately 9.3 hours per day.  Today’s world has developed around the chair.  Sitting while working, watching TV, eating, driving, most everything we do in a day comprises of sitting for an extended period.

It may surprise you to know that sitting longer than 8 hours per day is considered (medically) a sedentary lifestyle.

This chronic sitting, though comfortable, is being linked to several adverse effects on people’s health.  The most common issue among individuals who sit for long periods each day is the buildup of fat.  Sitting halts your metabolism, disengages your core muscles, and tightens the muscles around your hips and hamstrings.

The result, of course, is the increase of fat cells and an enhanced hindrance in mobility.

Long term effects range from increased heart disease, diabetes, cancer (but we get cancer from everything), to decreased life expectancy.

Getting into the gym can help, but even if you work out an hour each day, it will not undo the damage sitting for 8+ hours has done.

Data collected by researchers is beginning to tell us exactly how much harm sitting for extend periods is doing to our health.  And it’s not encouraging.

Luckily there are some options to combat chronic sitting.  Check out the great article from the Art of Manliness below.




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