Superhero September – Magneto!

So Magneto is cool right?  Like super cool.  He’s always been one of my favorite villains and it’s not hard to understand why.  He’s an Omega class mutant which essentially means he could destroy the entire Earth if he so desired.  But how powerful is he from a scientific perspective?  Just go with me on […]


If you’re like me, then it’s only when you’re watching Ren and Stimpy reruns and one of them screams with their mouth wide open, that you notice the dangly thing in the back of their throat and think, “oh yeah, I have one of those!”


Ever heard of space dust?  It’s not hard to imagine that there is a lot of it out there floating among the stars.  Often referred to as “meteoric dust”, it’s even smaller than the typical dust particles you think of on earth (which primarily consist of dead human skin).  Meteoric particles are roughly the size […]

Flight 19!

Planes being lost at sea and never being heard from again, is sadly, something we’re all familiar with.  History has had its fair share of these incidents and none more infamous than those lost within the Bermuda Triangle.  Some believe that if you venture into the Bermuda Triangle you will never be seen again; but […]

Don’t Have a Seat!

The average American sits for approximately 9.3 hours per day.  Today’s world has developed around the chair.  Sitting while working, watching TV, eating, driving, most everything we do in a day comprises of sitting for an extended period. It may surprise you to know that sitting longer than 8 hours per day is considered (medically) […]

Pushing the Envelope!

You’ve probably heard the term “pushing the envelope.”  You may also know that it means to push the limits or boundaries of performance.  But where did the phrase come from and why would you push an envelope? The phrase isn’t referring to a mail envelope as you may have surmised; but rather a mathematical envelope.  […]


The mission of Fun Fact Friday is to entertain but also to curate and impart knowledge to those with a desire to learn.  I believe it is through knowledge that we gain understanding and context for the world around us, enabling us to make informed and sensible decisions. Yet no matter how much we know, […]