Nazi’s Invade America!

Remember when you were sitting in history class and you heard, for the first time, how Nazi’s invaded the United States?  No? Well probably because it was only a minor incident that, in the scheme of the entire war, meant very little. But here at Fun Fact, I like to dive into these little known […]

The Fermi Paradox!

What is the Fermi Paradox you ask?  Well the Fermi (not ferby) Paradox poses the question of intelligent life elsewhere within the universe.  Developed by physicist Enrico Fermi, it simply states that if intelligent extraterrestrial life did exist- we would know about it. Think about this: There are billions of stars in the universe just […]

Bathing Cabins!

If you happen to travel back in time to the 18th or 19th century and you fancy a swim at a beach somewhere in Europe, you might see something strange. More than likely you would gaze out into the water and see small wooden cabins with wheels sitting out in the surf, or perhaps some […]

Alpha and Omega!

There was a small stream that ran through Wilmer McLean’s land.  Probably one he would often walk to some mornings and fish out of.  It was a modest plot of land in Manassas Junction, Virginia.  But during that time it was known as a plantation and that small stream that ran through it, was known […]

Under the Sea!

If you were to ask someone what the tallest mountain in the world was, or what the largest geological structure on the earth was; they would probably say Mt. Everest.  Of course if you’re measuring how far said structure reaches into the sky, you would be correct.  But often people forget what lies just beneath […]

Beetle Juice!

People don’t think about beetles much.  In fact, you may not even see them very often.  But there are a lot of beetles.  To give you an idea, there are 12,000 species of mammals on the planet, 250,000 species of plants, and just over 350,000 species of beetles.  That’s a lot of species!